GEM Testing

We provide equipment GEM testing service. Help you to test before your equipment enters the factory. It can reduce the pressure of engineers to test in the clean room.

If you are a manufacturer, we can help you to test the equipments from vendors. Make sure that all SECS functions are completed before entering your factory. It can reduce the pressure of CIM engineers.

The GEM testing runs automatically by using our program, with a professional test report and a certificate.

A detailed HSMS log data will be included in the report to prove that the equipment meets the requirement.

Also, we will test all the functions that SEMI Standard requires to do. For example: after connected, the equipment must send the S1, F3 Stream Function actively.

As long as passing our test, the equipment will be certified as a standard machine with SECS/GEM.

The Test inludes 3 levels

Level 1

  1. Establish Communications
  2. Host-Initiated S1=F13/F14 Scenario
  3. Equipment Processing State
  4. State Models
  5. On-Line Identification
  6. Error Messages
  7. Equipment Terminal Services
  8. Control (Host-Initiated)
  9. _Clock
  10. AlarmManagement

Level 2

  1. All items in Level 1
  2. DynamicEventReportConfiguration
  3. EquipmentConstants
  4. StatusDataCollection
  5. TraceDataCollection
  6. ProcessProgramManagement
  7. RemoteControl
  8. VariableDataCollection

Level 3

  1. All items in Level 2
  2. E87 CarrierManagement
  3. E40 ProcessJob
  4. E90 ControlJob
  5. EventNotification