AUO Module

Feature of AUO Module

  1. All of AUO's customized Stream Functions are modulized.
  2. Users can develope projects quickly to save a lot of time.
  3. Any kinds of Stream Function (Array Machine, Array Measurement Machine,Cell Stand Alone Machine) are supported.
  4. With our simulator, users can rapidly finish AUO's Transaction Scenario of communications protocol. (18.1 <--> 18.39)

Stream Functions

Stream Function Name
S1F65 Equipment Status Change Report
S1F66 Equipment Status Change Report Reply
S1F67 Lot Status Change Report
S1F68 Lot Status Change Report Reply
S1F69 Online Summary Status Report)
S1F70 ONLINE Summary Status Report Reply
S1F73 Cassette Load Request/Complete Report
S1F74 Cassette Load/Complete Report Reply
S1F75 Cassette Unload Request/Complete Report
S1F76 Cassette Unload Request/Complete Report Reply
S1F77 Load/Unload Port Status Query
S1F78 Load/Unload Port Status Query Reply
S1F79 Request Online
S1F80 Request Online Reply
S1F81 Mask Information Report
S1F82 Mask Information Report Reply
S1F83 Mask Status Report
S1F84 Mask Status Report Reply
S1F85 Mask Status Inquire
S1F86 Mask Status Inquire Reply
Stream Function Name
S5F65 Alarm Occurred/Released Report
S5F66 Alarm Occurred/Removed Report Reply
S6F65 Glass Process Data Report
S6F66 Glass Process Data Report Reply
S6F67 Operator ID Report
S6F68 Operator ID Report Reply
S6F69 Lot Process Data Report
S6F70 Lot Process Data Report Reply
S7F1 Remote Recipe Parameter Setting
S7F2 Remote Recipe Setting Reply
S7F3 Recipe Parameter Query (Upload)
S7F4 Recipe Parameter Data Reply
S7F65 Lot Process Data Transfer
S7F66 Lot Process Command Transfer Reply
S7F67 Inquire Last Modification Date/Time Of Recipe ID
S7F68 Reply Last Modification Date/Time Of Recipe ID
S7F71 Lot Process Data Request
S7F72 Reply Lot Process Data Request
S7F73 Lot Cancel Request
S7F74 Lot Cancel Request Reply

Supported AUO Scenario

18.2 當所有載入口不完全為空時,由機台端要求之連線流程 Online Sequence From Equipment when it is not empty at all Ports
18.3 控制模式的正常流程 Control Mode Normal Sequence
18.4 監控模式的正常流程 Monitor Mode Normal Sequence
18.5 Abnormal Sequence (1) (S7F72 <> 0)
18.6 Abnormal Sequence (2) (S7F72 = 0, But Host send cancel)
18.7 Abnormal Sequence (3) (PPID Not Defined in Control mode)
18.8 Abnormal Sequence (4) (PPID Not Defined in Monitor mode)
18.9 Abnormal Sequence (5) ( S7F66 = 07H; Unmatched Slot No)
18.10 Abnormal Sequence (6) (Host send lot cancel after S7F65)
18.11 Abnormal Sequence (7) (Lot be cancelled by operator; RCODE=1)
18.12 Abnormal Sequence (8) (Lot be cancelled by operator; Process Wait)
18.13 Abnormal Sequence (9) (Lot be cancelled by HOST; Process Wait)
18.14 Abnormal Sequence (10) (Lot be cancelled by operator; Processing)
18.15 Abnormal Sequence (11) (Unmatched glass: Mapping sensor)
18.16 Abnormal Sequence (12) (Unmatched glass: No mapping sensor)
18.17 Abnormal Sequence (13) (Auto Hold Lot)
18.18 Abnormal Sequence (14) (Non-Auto Hold Lot: Don’t Hold Lot)
18.19 Abnormal Sequence (15) (Non-Auto Hold Lot: Hold Lot)
18.20 Abnormal Sequence (16) (Non-Auto Hold Lot: Re-measure)
18.21 Abnormal Sequence (17) (Light alarm)
18.22 Abnormal Sequence (18) (Serious alarm)
18.23 Abnormal Sequence (19) (S7F66 = 08H; Unmatched Chip No)
18.24 Abnormal Sequence (20) (T9 timeout on online sequence)
18.25 Abnormal Sequence (21) (T9 timeout on normal sequence 1:S7F71)
18.26 Abnormal Sequence (22) (T9 timeout on normal sequence 2:S7F65)
18.27 Abnormal Sequence (23) (Glass Re-measure: For Cell Stand Alone Only)
18.28 Abnormal Sequence (24) (S7F66 = 09H; Unmatched Panel Layout: For Cell Stand Alone Machine Only)
18.29 Trace Data Collection Sequence (For Array Machine Only)
18.30 Define Event Report Sequence (For Array Machine Only)
18.31 OFF-Line Sequence from Host
18.32 Online Sequence from Host
18.33 Lot be cancelled by Host Send ABORT Command: Process Wait
18.34 Lot be cancelled by Host Send ABORT Command: In Processing
18.35 Equipment be Hold by Host Send Hold Command
18.36 Port suspend by Host (Host send S2F21 $SUSPND after S7F65)
18.37 Port in Suspend State, Cancel at EQ
18.38 Port In Suspend State, Cancel by Host
18.39 Port In Suspend State, Resume by Host