XGEM Equipment 300mm

Feature of XGEM Equipment 300mm

  1. With the features of .Net framework. The program is very flexible.
  2. Easy-to-use interface. Easy to learn and understand quickly.
  3. Meet the GEM and 300mm communication specifications of major wafer manufacturer in Taiwan.
  4. All files are combined into a single file (MS Excel). Easy to manage.
  5. Easily manage Control Job and Process Job
  6. Easily combine E87 and Loadport.
  7. Easily reject the command from Host if necessary.
  8. Each command from Host can be reply automatically or manually.
  9. GEM Driver is divided into 17 major modules. Exactly the same as SECS/GEM Implemented Table.
  10. Both Host and Equipment are divided into 17 major modules. Easier to select the Stream Function from modules.
  11. The communication is very compatible. Highly compatible with the command format sent by Host.
  12. With built-in Log string for SECS transmission, users don't need to decode anymore.


GEM Compliance Statement
Fundamental GEM Requirements
Equipment Processing States
Host Initiated S1=F13/F14 Scenario
Event Notification
On-Line Identification
Error Messages
Control (Operator Initiated)
Establish Communication Additional Capabilities
Dynamic Event Report Configuration
Variable Data Collection
Trace Data Collection
Status Data Collection
Alarm Management
Remote Control
GEM Compliance Statement
Fundamental GEM Requirements
Equipment Constants
Process Program Management
Equipment Terminal Services Material Movement
Limits Monitoring
Control (Host-Initiated)
300mm Implemented Table Support
Object Service Standard
Processing Management
Control Job Management
Carrier Management Standard

Stream Functions

Stream Function Name
SXF0 Abort Transaction
S1F1 Are You There Request
S1F2 On Line Data
S1F3 Establish Communications Request
S1F4 Establish Communications Request Acknowledge
S1F5 Formatted Status Request (FSR)
S1F6 Formatted Status Data (FSD)
S1F11 Status Variable Namelist Request
S1F12 Status Variable Namelist Reply
S1F13 Establish Communications Request
S1F14 Establish Communications Request Acknowledge
S1F15 Request OFF-LINE
S1F16 OFF-LINE Acknowledge
S1F17 Request ON-LINE
S1F18 ON-LINE Acknowledge
S2F13 Equipment Constant Request
S2F14 Equipment Constant Data
S2F15 New Equipment Constant Send
S2F16 New Equipment Constant Acknowledge
S2F17 Date And Time Data
S2F18 Date And Time Data Acknowledge
S2F21 Remote Command Send (RCS)
S2F22 Remote Command Acknowledge (RCA)
S2F23 Host Initiated Trace Send
S2F24 Trace Initiated Acknowledge.
S2F29 EC Name List Request
S2F30 EC Name List Request Acknowledge
S2F31 Date And Time Set Request
S2F32 Date And Time Set Acknowledge
S2F33 Define Report
S2F34 Define Report Acknowledge
S2F35 Link Event Report
S2F36 Link Event Report Acknowledge
S2F37 Enable/Disable Event Report
S2F38 Enable/Disable Event Report Acknowledge
S2F41 Host Command Send
S2F42 Host Command Acknowledge
S2F43 Reset Spooling Streams and Functions
S2F44 Reset Spooling acknowledge
S2F45 Define Variable Limit Attributes (DVLA)
S2F46 Variable Limit Attribute Acknowledge (VLAA)
S2F47 Variable Limit Attribute Request (VLAR)
S2F48 Variable Limit Attributes Send (VLAS)
S2F49 Enhanced Remote Command
S2F50 Enhanced Remote Command Acknowledge
S5F1 Alarm Report Send
S5F2 Alarm Report Acknowledge
S5F3 Enable/disable Alarm Send
S5F4 Enable/disable Alarm Acknowledge
S5F5 List Alarms Request
S5F6 List Alarm Data
S5F7 List Enable Alarm Request
S5F8 List Enable Alarm Request Acknowledge
Stream Function Name
S6F1 Trace Data Send
S6F2 Trace Data Acknowledge
S6F11 Event Report Send
S6F12 Event Report Acknowledge
S6F15 Event Report Request
S6F16 Event Report Data
S6F19 Individual Report Request
S6F20 Individual Report Data
S6F23 Request Spooled Data
S6F24 Request Spooled Data Acknowledge Send
S7F1 Process Program Load Inquire
S7F2 Process Program Load Grant
S7F3 Process Program Send
S7F4 Process Program Acknowledge
S7F5 Process Program Reques
S7F6 Process Program Data
S7F17 Delete Process Program Send
S7F18 Delete Process Program Acknowledge
S7F19 Current EPPD Request
S7F20 Current EPPD Data
S7F23 Formatted Process Program Send
S7F24 Formatted Process Program Data
S7F25 Formatted Process Program Request
S7F26 Formatted Process Program Data
S10F1 Terminal Request
S10F2 Terminal Request Acknowledge
S10F3 Terminal Display, Single (VTN)
S10F4 Terminal Display, Single Acknowledge (VTA)
S10F5 Terminal Display, Multi-Block (VTN)
S10F6 Terminal Display, Multi-Block Acknowledge (VMA)
S3F17 Carrier Action Request
S3F18 Carrier Action Acknowledge
S3F27 Change Access Request
S3F28 Change Access Acknowledge
S14F9 Create Object Request (COR)
S14F10 Create Object Acknowledge (CAO)
S14F11 Delete Object Request
S14F12 Delete Object Acknowledge (DOA)
S16F5 Process Job Command Request (PRJCMDR)
S16F6 Process Job Command Acknowledge (PRJCMDA)
S16F11 PRJobCreateEnh
S16F12 PRJobCreateEnh Acknowledge
S16F15 PRJobMultiCreate
S16F16 PRJobMultiCreate Acknowledge
S16F17 PRJobDequeue
S16F18 PRJobDequeue Acknowledge
S16F19 PRGetAllJobs
S16F20 PRGetAllJobs Send
S16F21 PRGetSpace
S16F22 PRGetSpace Send
S16F27 Control Job Command Request
S16F28 Control Job Command Acknowledge