Host To Equipment

Every equipment has different functions. It's not easy to make a SECS/GEM specification that suits your factory. You need to establish specifications for equipments to follow, which will enter your factory in the future. How do these specifications work in reality? What are the benefits can it bring?

SECS/GEM is a interface. It needs to be combined with MES, RMS and FDC systems. We can help you to do so. Also, we can customize SECS Message to meet your requirement.


1 What are the benefits after using SECS/GEM?
2 How to establish standards in my factory?
3 How to use SECS/GEM for big data collection?
4 How to use SECS/GEM for facory management?

Equipment To Host

Different equipments needs different SECS specifications. What kinds of data needs to be defined as SV? Or DV? Which events should be provided? Does the specifications meet the needs of wafer manufacturers? How to test the functions?

The problems above may bother you. With our experience, we can help you to conquer some major wafer manufacturers, which have requirement of GEM and 300mm.


1 How to import SECS/GEM?
2 How to establish specifications for my equipments?
3 How to combine 300mm with my equipments?
4 Is it suitable for my equipments to use SECS/GEM?

What SECSGEM Expert Can Do

Help making SECS/GEM specifications.
Help writing SECS/GEM User Manual of equipments.
Simulation test of machine connection.
Equipment - Host integration test.
Help planning and developing SECS/GEM/300mm process.